Suraj ki talaash 2

Through the eyes of Pajero...

Suraj ki talaash

Jab main jaaga sooraj ke jaagne se pahle. Somewhere in the hills of Mukteshwar.


The Memory Of Trees

Ever since I've started clicking on my digicam, I have developed a new respect for the quiet, serene beauty of trees. Each one has a unique character, a personality even. These days, I often catch myself ogling trees instead of birds while driving. I must be getting old. Or wise.

(Yeah, yeah, yeah) Space Truckin'

I saw this elaborate piece of art on the back of a truck while driving. Its been clicked through the windshield while on the move, both my car as well as the truck.

Feel like doing Coke?

It says: "Drinking (liquor) is strictly prohibited." followed by: "Drink with your head held high. Coca Cola." Kinda funny, I thought.



Beggar girl